Clean Rooms / Pharmaceutical Rooms

Product Info:

Dalucon Clean Rooms are facilities built with the highest regard to tidiness and build quality, creating positive or negative pressure environments to eliminate dust or impure particles in the air in the room's environment.
All panels are put together with great care to avoid any sharp edges, using our own PVC or aluminium Coving or Half round angles, to avoid any dirt or grime collecting in corners.

Our Personnel doors are produced to the highest quality, made of extruded aluminium extrusion, forming a tight closed seal using silicon gaskets.

All our doors make use of durable aluminium or stainless steel handles, hinges and locks with optional door closures. We have a wide range of glass windows and viewing panes that sit flush with the outer skin of the doors or wall panels.


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  • Either Polystyrene or Polyurethane injected insulated panels, from 40mm up to 125 thick
  • All panels are tongue and grooved joined
  • Single or double doors
  • Cut outs for lights and air louvers are done to clients requirements
  • Pass through hatches with double doors
  • All boxing off of columns and beams
  • Floor aluminium coving
  • Corners are all made out of coving
  • PVC conduits can be placed within our panels
  • Various extrusions and door systems are available
  • Built to client specifications
  • Highest regard to quality and grime accumulation prevention
  • Partitioned off areas and warehousing
  • Dust free environments
  • Insulated containers for clean room applications
  • Installations in South Africa and abroad
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Other Products and Services:

  • Protection Bollards for Sliding doors
  • Automated sliding doors
  • Automated up and over doors
  • Personnel doors
  • Viewing windows
  • Partitioning and clean environment, clean rooms
  • Supply and installation across South African Boarders
  • Supply and installation across Southern Africa
  • We are approved throughout South African retailers
  • Delivery