Cold / Freezer Rooms

Product Info:

Dalucon manufactures a wide range of insulated paneling for the industry. The versatile strength of our panels can fulfill all insulated needs for the installs of Cold & Freezer Rooms of any size. We use either polyurethane injected panels or polystyrene insulation in the following options: Chromadek, Stainless steel or Textradek / Food safe panels, as per client requirements.

Furthermore we specialize in the cladding of warehouses, be it for the purpose of cold or freezer storage, general wall panels, partition, or ceiling panels. Our beautiful "Tuscan" Tile Roofing panel is unique to the Dalucon brand and is available in many different colors, especially Terracotta. Using our all-new interlocking high quality, high strength IBR polyurethane injected paneling, whichever application it may be for, Dalucon has it all.

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Dalucon has moved forward leaps in bounds and achived some impressive installation results in the past years, to mention a few:

  • Chicken bulk storage 110meters long x 45meters wide x 6meters high, with the complete refrigeration install all done in house
  • Rio Tinto, Madagascar – all new dredger, all the control rooms, service rooms, rest rooms, cold storage, sleeping quarters
  • Nestle, South Africa, New Noodles factory and packing facilities, 6000 m2, wall paneling, Roofing, 4.0 x 4.0 sliding doors, Personnel doors, Stainless steel viewing windows, Automated sliding doors, Docking stations
  • Large Bulk Storage facilities at OR International Airport
  • Curing chambers for a prominent Roof Tile manufacturer, with 5.0m long x 3.5m wide automated "Sliding Up Doors"
  • Large accommodation quarters, dining areas, hospital, laboratories for mining consortiums
  • The supplier to companies that install and make use of all our insulated products on a high volume scale, ranging from the catering industry, housing, cold/freezer storage, paneling in general
  • Various retail chain approved supplier, of cold, freezer rooms and beverage glass door rooms

Door Information:
We have a wide range of extrusions that enable us to separate ourselves from the competition, ensuring the highest quality

  • The doors are of robust construction with the same insulation and cladding as the wall panels
  • All doors have Aluminum extrusion that fits precisely round the doors, with silicone gasket
  • All doors are fitted with internal safety release mechanisms. (Doors can be opened from the inside although locked on the outside)
  • Sliding door systems: Medium duty, Sliding doors from 800 x 2100 up to 2000 x 2100; Heavy duty, Sliding doors from 2000 x 2100 up to 4000 x 4000
  • Swing doors for Cold and Freezer room applications: 800 x 2000 single doors to 1500 x 2100

Optional Extras Available:

  • Flooring Panel in Polystyrene / Polyurethane with reinforcement within the panel
  • Shelving or racking system: galvanized or stainless steel
  • Meat Rail systems
  • Lifting doors
  • Panel thickness from 40 to 200mm
  • Polyurethane high pressure injected panel
  • Polystyrene Panel
  • Polystyrene density to clients or to specification requirements
  • Refrigeration Requirements
  • Roof IBR Roof Paneling
  • Roof Tile Paneling
  • Underfloor Heating Systems
  • Panel lengths up to 13.5mt long
  • Insulation materials: Polyurethane injection 40dV m3, Polystyrene from 16DV3, Polyphen, Rockwool
  • All Panels have tongue and groove joining system
  • Floor insulation with vapour barrier plastic
  • Wide range of aluminium angles and flashings
  • PVC and Aluminium half round coving
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Other Products and Services:

  • Protection Bollards for Sliding doors
  • Automated sliding doors
  • Automated up and over doors
  • Personnel doors
  • Viewing windows
  • Partitioning and clean environment, clean rooms
  • Supply and installation across South African Boarders
  • Supply and installation across Southern Africa
  • We are approved throughout South African retailers
  • Delivery