Mortuary Equipment and Cabinets

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Cabinets are constructed with chromadek or stainless steel, cladded insulated panels.

The doorframes and rear of the cabinet are reinforced with selected clear SA pine frames, rendered waterproof with bituminous solution.

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The service panel on the rear of the cabinet is reinforced with an inner frame in order to carry the air-cooling and condensing units. Each cabinet is mounted on four adjustable feet and is fitted with a drain point.

Mortuary Structure 1

6 Tier Chromadek Cabinet

Mortuary Structure 2

Mobile Mortuary

Mortuary Structure 3

Tier Stainless Steel Cabinet

  • Doors are hung onto robust hinges and fitted with heavy duty latches & strikes
  • The freezer cabinet doors are provided with heater elements
  • All doors are fitted with airtight neoprene gaskets

  • Insulated panels are manufactured with chromadek metal. The panels consist of two selected stress metal skins, free of imperfections and damage, permanently bonded to the low temperature polyurethane / polystyrene core.
  • The insulation core consists of virgin grade fire retardant expanded polystyrene or injected polyurethane. The thickness and densities are made to suit the application.
  • The panels are joined by means of a tongue and groove system to which a non-hardening silicone sealer is applied.

Mortuary structures can be manufactured with galvanized steel or with a full stainless steel FINISH. The structures can accommodate 8 bodies upward to 148 bodies, all depending on available space.

Mortuary Structure 1
Mortuary Structure 2

Each body compartment is provided with a dished body tray which is welded on to a tubular frame. Both tray and frame are manufactured from stainless steel or galvanized steel.

Mortuary Tray 1

Standard Flatbed Tray

Mortuary HIV Tray

HIV Body Tray

Manufactured entirely out of stainless steel.

Washing Table 1
Washing Table 2
Washing Table 3
ref system

  • The condensing and air-cooling units are mounted on the service panel, which is situated on the rear of the cabinet. This allows for a complete, self-contained unit with easy maintenance and repair in mind.
  • A neat instrument panel, on which an isolator and pressure switch are mounted, is provided and fixed to the service panel.
  • The refrigerant tubing, instrument panel, electrical wiring, and all other parts are factory mounted on the service panel. A dial thermometer is mounted above the doors on the front of the cabinet.
  • All refrigeration systems are ozone friendly and each unit undergoes a thorough test before it leaves the factory.

The Dalucon mortuary trolley is made up of stainless steel, comprising a two-way pump action or battery powered automatic lifting pump. It can lift a body up to 1800mm high and can lift up to 300KG in weight.

Mortuary Trolley 1
Mortuary Trolley 2
Mortuary Trolley 3

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