Specialised Products

Product Info:

Dalucon manufactures a wide range of specialized items for various industries. We enjoy the specialized field as it truly testifies to how specialized we are. We enjoy the challenge of the design, prototyping, problem solving areas involved, and the final outcome to another great product we have created.

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Some of these items include:

  • Clean / Laboratory Rooms
  • Rock Breakers for the mining industry
  • Cellular Containers, Telecommunication solutions Urban and Rural
  • Medical and security Units that can be deployed to any zone that requires immediate assistance
  • Air-handlings Units
  • Low cost housing
  • Accommodation quarters, dining areas, hospital and laboratories
  • Modular buildings for offices, Class rooms, storage facilities
  • Control rooms for all type of equipment for a wide range of industry
  • Insulation of shipping containers for, equipment, perishables and sensitive equipment
  • Various type of Insulated trailers for a wide range of applications
  • Specialized multi access mobile containers
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